Create UniquID Contract

Login to organization

Navigate to directory where you saved the credentials.json file
cd /path/to/file/
You may need to re-login if the token has expired.
uniquid login --credentials-file credentials.json

Check devices

Check for the devices appear on the UniquID organization. This can be done with the following command:
uniquid list-devices

Create contract file

Create a new file called contract.json with the following content. Be sure to replace the placeholders with your own information
"provider" : "tpub of the authorizer from the uniquid list-devices command",
"user" : "tpub of the deivce from the uniquid list-devices command",
"functions" : [32]
The "provider" is the AWS-IOT-UNIQUID-AUTHORIZER and the "user" is the JS or C device.

Create contract

Create and deploy the contract
uniquid create-contracts --input-json-file contract.json
Check contract list
uniquid list-contracts --output json
Look at the log from the device and check here for published timestamps from the Device (please note that the link provided is for the us-east-2 AWS region, you may need to switch to the one you have defined on aws configure).
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